Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tips from the ALL YOU Grocery Challenge

I just finished the ALL YOU GROCERY Challenge $172.72 under budget! Yeah!

Saving money has become a way of life for me and my family. I once joked with my husband that I would pay for our children's college tutition with the money I save. As time moves on, I find that I get more and more frugal... it's almost like a game and it's fun!

Our budget for the month was $400 and we spent $227.28. We only counted groceries, but even with counting health and beauty aids, we would have had the same outcome. I get all of my health and beauty aids at the drugstore for free or for tax only.

Here is a recap of tips to help you spend less a the grocery store.

ALL YOU has some great recipes and tips for saving money. I also learned a lot from the ALL YOU blog. A few of my favorite tips from the ALL YOU Blog:

Ask your butcher to call you when they have meat that will be expiring soon. According to a fellow blogger, you can get meat at 75 % off. It will expire soon, so you just bring it home and freeze it!

Write the date of expiration on your stockpile items with a sharpie marker, so that you will be reminded to use it before it expires.

Check the clearance shelves

Thanks ALL YOU for the great challenge! I'm always interested in learning new ways to save!


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  1. Great job! I wish I could save more on our grocery bill, but if I use coupons they are only for products I wouldn't normally buy and its not like I am getting them free so I end up spending money I don't have. I made it through the All You challenge pretty much on budget buying organic and local, but I didn't buy much meat, I am not a meat fan. When I did buy meat it was usually chicken. I still have meat from last years 1/4 cow in the freezer (pasture raised) and 3 chickens (pasture raised) from over the summer, so I don't need meat, but I do wish more of the organic products (local products) I use had sales and specials, but they don't.
    I am going to make laundry soap this weekend and give it a try. I am not a big fan of Borax or washing Soda as both are highly caustic and toxic to small children and pets (we have 2 cats)....
    Loving the tips on your blog