Thursday, July 1, 2010

Making Your Own Mixes

One of my favorite frugal things to do is make my own mixes. Making your own mixes cuts down on preservatives in convience foods and helps keep your cabinets stocked so that you don't have to run to the store for anything. I have found that if you have stocked cabinets, you rarely have buy things at regular price when you need them. The key to making your own mixes is buying flour and sugar at the lowest price. Recently, I even bought flour in bulk to make several of my mixes. Flour in bulk is about $1.25/ 5 lb.

Most of the time, I buy staples with sales and coupons from the grocery store. I found a great buy price guide for staples on Southern Savers that I use to ensure that I am paying the lowest price. If a staple is at a low price, I stock up and make a mix.

Here are a few of my favorite mixes that I keep on hand:

Hot roll mix for pizza crusts

The Make-A-Mix book is a great guide to making mixes. It's cheap and easy!


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  1. My daughter likes to make up mixes for my mother to use since she doesn't cook at all any more, I am sending her a link to this to check out.