Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Frozen Cookie Dough

I have never bought premade frozen or refrigerated cookie dough at the store because it is so expensive. I would have never thought of making cookie dough and freezing it, but one of my friends turned me on to this fantastic trick. I used to make fresh cookies or pick up a bag of oreos to satisfy my cookie craving, but now I make cookie dough and freeze it. I just double a batch of cookies, chocolate chip cookies are our favorite, and spoon one layer of cookies onto a cookie sheet and freeze them. After they get hard, take them off the cookie sheet and place them in labeled Ziploc bags. We take them out a few at a time and bake them on a day that we are already using the oven.
Last year, we baked a few of our frozen cookies in the toaster oven when we were showing our house to sell. The smell of fresh cookies filled the air and prospective buyers could imagine the great smells that would come from their kitchen!

This Christmas, I will be nearing the end of my pregnancy. I am going to plan ahead for guests by premaking cookies and baking them fresh when they arrive. Shh... don't tell, I'm sure they will NOT know the difference.

If you freeze cookie dough instead of buying premade cookie dough you can save time and money.


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