Monday, July 27, 2009

Easy Daysies Review

We were recently approached by Easy Daysies to do a review of their magnetic daily schedules. As soon as I saw them, I knew this system is a perfect fit for my son!

My son thrives on structure and routine. The eco-mom in me appreciates that the magnets are completly reusable and can be changed to fit our schedule each day.

I have organized his school day routine on the magnet board in his room. He is constantly asking "what do I do next?" and this will eliminate that problem and give him a sense of responsibility. I am most excited about his morning routine on the left. He decided to add an additional magnet to mark his progress. The evening schedule is on the right and he will quickly learn what is expected after school, too.

I have already mentioned this system to several friends with special needs children. These kids follow a picture schedule at school and this could help make those easy transitions at home as well. Elaine has also used such adorable graphics and they help the non-reader follow along. The words being beside the picture are helping my early reader become even more fluent. They could make a great addition to any home!

Elaine has many great new products in the works and I would definitely recommend keeping your eye on her site. These would make a great gift for any home or classroom. You can certainly tell they were created by a woman who is both a mother and teacher. They are truly Brilliant!

Easy Daysies is going to sponsor a giveaway here on our blog! Be sure to stay tuned for details on how to enter!


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