Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

If you were wondering why I stock up on every fresh fruit and vegetable available, here is why. We love to pull out berries, that we picked fresh and stored in our freezer, months later. Yesterday, the girls asked for a smoothie and I was happy to make them one. We really don't have a set recipe.... we just throw whatever fruit we have in and blend. Ripe bananas make the smoothies sweet, so we never add sweetener. I have also made green smoothies for the girls and they love them.

Approximate: Strawberry Banana Recipe

1 ripe banana
2 c. strawberries
1 six oz. strawberry yogurt
1 c. water

Blend together. If it is too thick, just add water. Our fruit was all frozen. If you have fresh fruit, you might want to add ice.

The girls wanted to take a picture of their cups too! So cute!


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