Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Freezing Meat

I try to buy all of my meat at the lowest price. We usually have whatever meat is on sale for a meal or two and then I will stock some in the freezer for later. Last week, I bought cubed steak and pork chops. After having the steak for one meal. I froze all the pork chops and rest of the steak. If we are going to eat the meat in the next two months, I will store it in freezer bags. If it will be longer than two months, I package it with our food saver (this was a great Christmas gift for us a couple of years ago). A few months ago, we purchased a whole sirloin (they cut it whatever way you want it) and we packaged it with the food saver. We were able to get a great deal at a locally owned grocery store and paid only $1.79/ lb... we should have bought more for that price!

I make sure to write the date packaged, number of steaks, and what it is, on the package. It should last at least 3 months in freezer bags and much longer when packaged with the food saver. Sometimes, I will take the time to package the meat in a marinade or make it freezer meal.

Buying meat at it's lowest price is a key to big savings!


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