Sunday, June 20, 2010

Freezing Milk

Week 1 Day 1

I am super excited to start the ALL YOU Grocery Challenge with cheap milk. I felt so lucky a few days ago to snag 9 gallons of milk at our Harris Teeter for the sale price of $2.47 each. There was no advertised limit! $2.47 is about the cheapest that you can get milk these days in my area. I remember, not so long ago, that you could buy it for $1.99 regular price. Since those days are over, I have found that freezing milk is a great way to shave a couple of bucks off the grocery budget.

Milk reg. $3.36
Milk sale $2.47

Savings per milk $.89
Over the 3 weeks that the 9 gallons of milk will last for my family $8.01 savings!


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