Thursday, July 15, 2010

Couponing with Kids

A few months ago, I dreaded to even go to the grocery store with a 3 year old, 2 year old, and then 3 month old girls. The task of grocery shopping with 3 littles made me exhausted at the thought of it. Then, I started couponing. Of course, my first thought was, how am I going to coupon if just going to the grocery store seems like a challenge?

Knowing that the task at hand would not be easy, I clipped some coupons and headed to the grocery store. It was a rough first few trips, but after we got into a routine, our trips have been easy. I'll share a few tips with you.

Tips for Couponing While Shopping with Kids

1. Organize your coupons and list in the order of the store.

2. Take only the coupons that you know you are going to use

3. Go by the bakery to get the kids a free cookie... most grocery stores give them away. I tell my girls that they only give cookies to good little girls.

4. As you put an item in your shopping cart, put the coupon in a place that you will remember to use it!

5. Give the kids a small list and let them find the items and put them in the shopping cart.

6. You keep the coupons. Do not let the kids hold them... the coupons might disappear.

7. Stick to the list. If the kids ask for items that are not on sale, tell them that you will get them that item when it goes on sale. As the kids grow up, it becomes a good lesson in life.

8. Tell them that you need them to be quiet while checking out. It is very important that you watch all the prices and make sure that all of your coupons are given and come off the order.

9. Don't use the kids as an excuse not to coupon. As a mom, when faced with a challenge, you can do it!

As a mom that has 2 toddlers in her BIG heavy shopping cart (the huge one that looks like a car and seats two kids) and has a now 5 month old strapped on, I feel your pain. But, believe me, the kids get used to your new techniques. We actually shop quicker now that I am more organized and I often get complements on how well my kids behave!

I hope that you are encouraged that you can juggle your kids and your coupons!


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