Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Grateful for Old, Simple Toys

My in-laws recently came for a visit and brought some of my husband's old toys with them. Our girls loved seeing the toys that their dad used to play with. One of the toys was a Playschool Wood Block Set. The container was warn and the blocks looked like they had seen better days, but the girls loved playing with them. Watching them play with the blocks reminded me of how simple toys used to be, but oh how we loved those toys growing up. The great things about older toys is that they came with little instruction and you had to be creative. Even our young daughters have made up games with these simple wooden blocks. One of our daughters was even using one as a cell phone the other day. With so little detail, the older toys leave a lot for the imagination.

With all the toy advertisements this time of year, on this gratituesday, I am grateful to see some toys around our house that do not require any other technical support other than the imagination.


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  1. Oh how fun! My mother in law kept tons of her kids toys and she has an amazing collection that all of the grandchildren love to play with now.