Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Parent-Child Journal

Something that I have discovered that helps my kids express any anxiety is a Parent-Child journal. I made the one pictured here for my daughter on her first day of second grade. We write messages back and forth to each other and leave it on the other's pillow. Whenever she has something she wants to discuss with me, but feels awkward approaching me about it, she can leave me a note. Sometimes writing feels safer. I use the journal to remind her of things we're working on and to praise her efforts. I think it will also make a wonderful keepsake for us after we fill it up.

I began with a regular composition notebook. I covered it with scrapbook paper and painted the edges to finish it off. I added a little label and we have a great book.

Now that my son is beginning to write on his own, he has requested a book. It is definitely high on my list to create one for him, too.

A Parent-Child journal definitely Works For Me.


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  1. Oh, that is such a cute idea. Good way to communicate, but also to document her writing as she grows.