Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grateful For The Library

This Gratituesday, I wanted to discuss my love of our local library. We have moved many times, and one of the first things I always want to find is the local library.

We check out 30+ books per week. I love the fact that we can put books on hold and have them waiting for us. Inter-library loan is also a huge plus if your local branch doesn't have what you are searching for. Computer games, audio books, videos and music also find their way home with us often.

Many of the libraries we have lived near have story time activities, special events and classes we have taken advantage of as well.

The library introduces us to a new community and new friends. It also helps expand our love of books and media and helps our budget since it is free of charge!


1 comment:

  1. I love the library as well. However the library here allows only one book per child and 2 per adult. I miss the one in St. Thomas which allowed 5. Another thing is that it's about 1 hr away and the kids get the book for only 1 week. Which means a trip to town every week. Anyway I'm not complaining it could be worse like no library and no money for bus or gas.

    I hope your Tuesday was great.