Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Packing For Kids

Today, I wanted to discuss packing for kids. As our kids have grown, they want more independence when it comes to packing for trips. They love to make their own lists of what they would like to bring and to pick out their clothes. To allow them to be even more independent, I like to pack their clothes by outfit.

We go thru out schedule for our trip and decide what we need to pack for each day. For our oldest, we fold things neatly and she can choose the items she needs for each day. For our son, I have found a fantastic solution that allows him to do things more on his own. I got some large gallon, slider bags and we keep them in his suitcase. We choose his outfit for each day (including socks and underwear) and I put each day's clothing in a bag. We neatly place these individual bags into his suitcase in reverse order so that the first day is on the top. He can choose a "package" each morning and get dressed all by himself!

Also in their suitcases are a smaller bag for their toiletries and a plastic trash bag that they can place their dirty clothes in at the end of the day. At the end of the trip, all of the bags go back into the suitcase waiting for our next adventure!

I love fostering independence in my children. This simple trick has allowed them to feel in control away from home and I love to see them gaining that confidence in themselves. Please feel free to share your favorite tricks and tips for packing for your children!


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