Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I am working at making our house more eco-friendly. As I have said before, my favorite channel is Planet Green!
One of the best eco changes in our house is composting. We started composting last month and it has decreased our waste tremendously; therefore, decreasing the amount of methane gas that we emit into the atmosphere.

Before starting the composting process, we went to Lowe’s and bought a composter. A composter allows you to grow aerobic, as opposed to anaerobic, bacteria by letting air into the composter. We put or composter next to our house and have not been bothered by extra bugs or smells. I’ll share a few composting tips that I have learned with you.

Composting Tips

How to Compost
1. Place the Composter in the sun to accelerate the speed of composting.
2. Make sure your compost is kept moisturized.

Things You Can Compost
Dry grass
Garden Plants
Soft plant stems
Fruit and vegetable matter
Egg shells (crushed)
Tea bags, coffee grounds

Things You CANNOT Compost
Meat, fats, bones, fish
Dairy products
Cooking Oil

Composting is easy once you get into the habit of it. It helps to save the environment and will supply nutrient rich dirt for next year’s garden. Composting Works For Me!

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  1. I love composting! It reduces trash and makes divine fertilizer for gardening. That bin you bought looks nice and easy to use.

    I have a worm compost bin, which is another cool option. If I keep it maintained properly, I can keep the worm bin inside the house. The worms eat the food scraps so fast that it doesn't cause any smell, and I can harvest rich, black soil for gardening and potting plants several times a year.

  2. This tip couldn't have come at a better time! We are finally moving to a house with a yard, and I have big plans for a garden next summer.