Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Closet Trick

I have a closet trick that really Works For Me. At the start of each season, I have to move my current season from the top rack to the bottom since I'm a bit vertically challenged. As I do this, I turn all of the hangers backward. As I wear an item and bring it back from the wash, I turn it the other way. This allows me to see what I truly wear. It helps me vary my daily wardrobe by reaching for items that I haven't worn, and it allows me to eliminate what I fail to choose. The items that are never turned are removed and donated.

I hope that this idea helps you discover what you really love and wear and weed out those items that don't speak to you anymore.



  1. We did this last year and I was amazed...actually my husband was even more amazed since he SWORE he wore everything in his closet and didn't have anything to get rid of! Great way to thin the heard!

  2. I tried that too and it's amazing what you really wear. I'm not sure how long to leave those backwards hangers in there before donating.

  3. I do this with my hubby's clothes too since he refuses to go through them. This way at the end of the season the clothes he doesn't wear can disappear and he doesn't even notice.