Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Family Dinners

My husband and I both grew up having dinner around the table with our families. We have started the same tradition in our family. Each night we look forward to gathering around the table with our little girls and sharing a home cooked meal, this is a time that we cherish. Our dinner conversations start after our two year old says the blessing. We each share things that we did during the day. Right now, we mostly talk about fun things that happened at the playground, what we learned today, and funny things that the girls did or said. I love these moments to talk to our children and learn what is going on in their little minds. We look forward to many family dinners to come and dream of the ever changing conversations as the kids grow up. This Gratituesday, I am so grateful for family dinners.



  1. I am very adamant about everyone eating at together at the table. It is a family tradition that is so important.

    That is great how you have your little one say the blessing. I might have to try that tonight!

  2. beautiful. your family will cherish these meals for a life time. I believe so strongly about this family tradition, and it's something my hubby and I have started even before kids!