Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tips for Buying Used Clothes for Kids

Even before my first child was born 2 ½ years ago, I went to a used clothes sale to pick her up a few things. This was hard because we never find out the sex of the baby until the baby is born and the doctor says, “It’s a…girl!” We have 2 girls, 16 months apart. Having children of the same sex has saved us a lot of shopping!

I have shopped at many kid’s used clothes sales and usually find great deals. The last sale I went to I loaded up on smocked dresses for the girls. Smocked dresses can run anywhere from $45 - $75 or maybe more (but we don’t shop in those stores) and are usually church and special occasion dresses, so they are not worn much by the previous children.

I have a few tips for buying used clothes for children.

- Check the clothes over thoroughly for missing buttons, snaps, stains, and broken zippers before purchasing.
- Know the brands and retail prices of the clothes you want to buy. Many times I have seen used clothes sold at retail prices – that is NOT a deal.
- Get to the sale early, before it is picked over, so you can get items you need. If you need strollers….you will have to get there early!
- If you are on the fence about buying an item, put the item back and chance getting it at the ½ price sale on the last day.
- Take a basket on wheels, so that you will have free hands to look through the clothes.
- Try to leave the kids at home, so you can concentrate on getting a deal!

We have found many great deals for our girls at used clothes sales. Many churches and organizations hold sales in the spring and fall. Sales are usually advertised in the paper.

Good luck! I hope you find some good deals!


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