Friday, June 12, 2009

One Outside Activity Per Child

For our Family Friday post, I wanted to talk about how we manage to stay connected with busy schedules. As the kids get older, they have more and more homework. In addition, their outside activities take up more and more time. During ball season, between the two kids, we literally have either practice or a game every night of the week. But, we realize that it only lasts a few weeks, and that is the ONLY commitment we make during that time period.

In order to still have time to connect and be together as a family, we can't over-extend ourselves. I see neighbors carting their children to and from so many activities that their children are complaining about how busy they are.

We cherish our times together sitting at the table sharing a meal or playing a game. We love being able to let our children go outside and just play. If we schedule too many things, we lose that time. That is not acceptable for us. Family will always come first.

How do you balance outside activities and free time?


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  1. Me too! It's nice to sit outside and simply watch the kids run and play in the sandbox. Mine are still little, so I don't have to worry about all the activities and homework just yet though!