Saturday, June 13, 2009

Give A Little Extra

A few Sundays ago at church, our minister gave a sermon about giving more than our tithing to help someone else out. He asked everyone to think about what they could give up to help someone. Some of the examples given were: give up a round of golf and give the money to someone else or skip going through the drive thru for a cup of coffee and use that money to buy something for somebody in need. These examples were just to get you thinking about how you can give up one of your own “wants” to help meet the “needs” of others. Of course, these are luxuries that a lot of us take for granted.

A week or two went by and the message stayed on my mind. I don’t play golf and I rarely go through the drive thru for an expensive cup of coffee. I wondered… who would I help? There have been many times in my life that I have had a friend or family member in need, but at this point in my life nobody came to mind. Then, I heard about
a little boy that was recently diagnosed with cancer. The family is going through a rough time right now because the father was laid off from work during this economic downturn and the mother had to take a family medical leave of absence to care for her son. As a mother, my heart went out to this mother and her family. After learning their story, my husband and I gave a donation. Honestly, we didn’t give up anything specifically, but we did give extra this month.

I would like to challenge and encourage all mothers to think about other mothers who are going through a particularly difficult time, for whatever reason. Can you give money, a dish of food, or simply your time to go above your normal gift and give a little extra to those in need?



  1. Hear hear!! We must be our own stimulus package and reach out during tough times as these.

  2. What a blessing both to the person who receives the gift and the one who gives it! :D We love doing this especially anonymously. we've given gas cards, food, etc.

  3. Thank you for caring and sharing! This is the cause page for Bryson Fanning, a 22 month old baby with cancer.