Friday, June 26, 2009

Low Cost Family Outings

Now that summer is in full-swing, we are always looking for low cost family outings. We have found several ideas in our area.

- We love to take advantage of programs at our local library. They often have things for the entire community such as magic shows, story times, zoo visits or opportunities to meet local artists.

- We are lucky enough to have a zoo nearby. We love to go to their special events. When more things are offered for the usual zoo admission, we get an even bigger "bang for our buck."

- We visit many area parks. We have found that they each have their own special features. Our children even love just playing on different playground equipment. We have taken our bikes to ride on trails, like to geocache in areas we know to find hidden treasures, and we can take a simple frisbee and make a wonderful day out of something so simple.

- We visit local museums and gardens. Be sure to check into their membership programs and their benefits. Often they have reciprocal memberships with other local venues. We received a great book of coupons with one membership that let us take advantage of lots of great area attractions at quite a savings.

What are your favorite low cost family outings?


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