Saturday, June 27, 2009

National Safety Month

I can not let the month of June pass us by without calling our attention to National Safety Month. National Safety Month is sponsored by the National Safety Council which educates and influences people to prevent accidental injury and death.

One of the things that the National Safety Council (NSC) calls attention to is that traffic safety starts at home. They want to make us aware that it only takes a few seconds to look behind the car before backing up and that we get our kids out of the car every time we get out of the car.

According to the NSC, over 100 children die and thousands are injured from being backed over each year. Let’s all be sure that we look behind our cars before we get in the driver’s seat and then take a few seconds to look again before we put our cars in reverse.

Many children die every year from heat stroke because they were left in the car. Some of these cases are due to over-stressed parents forgetting to drop their children off at daycare. Some of the deaths are a result of parents leaving their children in the car while they get out to run an errand for a short time. Let’s make it a habit to check our backseats every time we get out of the car, it may save our child’s life on those over-stressed days.

Accidents can happen at any time. I hope this post is a reminder of what can happen. The more that we keep these things fresh in our mind, hopefully, the more accidents we can prevent.


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