Friday, June 5, 2009

Jump, Jump, Jump

My husband got off from work early the other day, so we took the girls to Pump It Up. If you are not familiar with Pump It Up, it is a building full of inflatable play centers! They have tall slides, lots of room to jump, and games to play. They specialize in birthday parties, but we went to a pop-in time. Pop-in time is several times a week for a few hours. The charge was $5 for our 2 year old, and my husband, I, and our one year old were free. We had a great time bouncing and sliding together! Not only was it fun, but it only cost $5.

If you have kids, check and see if you have a bounce house close by. It will get some of your child’s energy out!

Fun and affordable, that is what I like!


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  1. Oh I love going BOUNCING!! We have a Bounce U locally and its so much fun; a lot of the groups I am involved with book events and get great deals at $4 for the hour to bounce per bouncer.