Thursday, June 4, 2009

Win at Auctions!


As an auctioneer’s daughter, I have attended many auctions. When I was a kid, my parents got us up on many Saturday mornings to help with auctions. Now, my husband and I love to frequent auctions to find things to buy and resell! We have found some really good deals! Also, we buy things for our home instead of buying new. This not only saves money, but is environmentally friendly! Before you attend an auction, here are a few tips to help you get a good deal.

Auction Tips:

- Get to the auction early to preview the merchandise before the sale starts.
- Stand in a place where the ground crew (the workers helping the auctioneer take bids) can see you and your number.
- Let others bid in between your bids, so that you don’t raise the price on yourself.
- Don’t be intimidated by other bidders.
- Set a top price and stick with it - - it is easy to get caught up in the action.
- Be careful when fanning or adjusting your hat. The auctioneer and ground crew look for sudden motions and may accidentally take your fanning for a bid.
- Never talk to the clerk - - they are keeping track of what is being sold.
- Bring a big enough vehicle to haul your items home.
- Have fun! Auctions are a great time!

I love going to auctions every chance I get. I would encourage all of you to attend an auction. You will not only find great deals, but your whole family will be entertained. And who knows, you might have the winning bid!


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