Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Clipping for College

After 4 months of perfecting my coupon clipping game. I am ready to keep track of all of my coupon savings. Over the past four months, I have saved lots of money... probably over a thousand dollars with sales and coupons.

While saving all of this money, I have been kidding my husband that I could save enough money to send our kids to college. So, I have decided to keep track and see how far I get. We currently have a 3 year old, 2 year old, and a 6 month old which means that we have several years to save, but we will need alot of MONEY all at one time!

My totals will include coupon and rebate savings only. I will update you weekly on money I have saved. The totals will include Extra Care Bucks, Up Rewards, and Register Rewards... as I use them, not as I receive them. Remember, they are only savings after you redeem them... not while they are in your wallet. I will also include Single Check Rebates, after I cash my check and include any gift cards that I receive as a result of a SCR promotion. I will also include rebates from other companies.

I will start my totals as of today, instead of pulling out all of my receipts to calculate. We can start together. I will count my SCR check that I will receive later this month from the July SCR. My savings update will be every Saturday.

I hope you will join me on my journey to save for my children's college education. Leave a comment on our blog to keep us updated on your success! Let's show everyone that it IS worth your time to clip coupons!

If several people comment, I can start a blog carnival for all of us to share our savings.

Clipping coupons to pay for college Works for Me!


Note: I will not deduct the cost of my newspaper, printer ink, or copy paper. These items will cancel out with the use of sales. As you will see, we will be saving far more than the cost of these items.


  1. Except that if you don't put the money you "save" coupon clipping into an account for college, you aren't really clipping for college. Just curious if you plan to put you "savings" in an account for college or if you just want to keep a running tab of how much you "save".

  2. I think that “Clipping for College” will be different for everyone. Some families are ready to start funding their children’s college funds and others are likely still paying off their own college. In these tough economic times, lots of people are more concerned about feeding their family than about saving for college. This is a way to do both. I provide well balanced meals for my family and save money in the mean time. If some families cannot afford to put money away for college now, maybe they will after they see how much they have saved using coupons.
    I personally clip every coupon with my family’s future in mind. We live by “a penny saved is a penny earned” and every penny counts in our house. My ultimate goal is to help fund our children’s college by saving money using coupons. Every family will need to decide for themselves when to put money into their children’s college fund based on what is best for them. “Clipping for College” allows me to keep my goals in mind as I spend time cutting out coupons. I hope I can be an encouragement to others as well