Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Reading the Bible in 90 Days

My husband and I just finished reading the Bible in 90 days! This is a great way to read all the way through the Bible. The reading requirement is twelve pages each day. It might seem like a lot to read and keep up with, but if you stay disciplined, you can do it. We found that it was fun to share the reading with a partner. Also, having a partner gives you someone to discuss the reading with. Our whole church went through this reading journey together and the ministers patterned their sermons by the reading. With the whole church going through the program at the same time, I found that it was easier to continue reading on busy days when it was hard to find the time to read twelve pages.

Reading the Bible in 90 days Worked for Me. I would encourage your Sunday School class or small group to try it.


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