Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Encouraging Independence in Toddlers

Our toddlers love to help out around the house. They are always trying to do what they see mommy and daddy do. We encourage them to help in the kitchen with making dinner and allow them to take their own plate to the sink. They like to help gather the laundry and see if they can throw it high enough to get into the washing machine. Our 19 month old gets her own wipes and diaper and brings them to me when she needs to be changed. Our 3 year old makes her bed and empties the small trash cans when asked.
I encourage the girls to help me do tasks and give them praise when they have done a job. We never make them do anything, but they love the independence and praise we give them for each task. Even though it is easier to do things around the house yourself, if you take the time to teach your children how to do things they will love the independence and be excited that you are incorporating them into your daily routine.

Encouraging my children to become independent Works for Me!


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