Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Freezer Meals

I was so excited when I heard that our church was looking for cooks to help fill our church freezer with meals. I love cooking and real enjoy making meals in bulk from my Fix, Freeze, and Feast cookbook. The purpose of the church freezer is to store meals so that when a family is in need of a meal, we can provide them one quickly. Mostly, the freezer is used if someone has an illness in the family or a death in the family. I love this idea and am excited to help out with it. I recently made mashed potatoes and pork roasts for the freezer. If we get a call that someone is in need for food, I have labeled my dishes so that someone will be able to take them from the freezer, warm them, and take a hot meal to a family.
Freezer meals are a great idea for any church. Many people are willing to help fill the freezer with premade meals for a help a family in need.
Making freezer meals Works for Me.


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