Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Small Groups

A few months ago, the minister at my church gave a sermon on small groups. A small group is a group of people with common interests and/or age that get together to have fellowship and Bible Study. Many groups meet once a week, but some meet every other week, once a month, or whenever the participants prefer. There have been several started in our church since the message.

A group of moms from my Sunday school class decided to give a small group a try. In my small group, we have moms around the same age that have kids around the same age. We get together every other week on Thursday nights at 8 pm.

Our fellowship begins with conversation and homemade goodies. Then, we do prayer requests and discuss some of that week’s lesson. We chose a book called The Frazzled Female with which to start our small group. It is an easy read and helps us moms learn how to use God’s word to decrease the stress in our lives. My favorite thing about the book we chose is that it reminds us to be positive and look to God for help and guidance in our daily lives.

Our small group has really been good for all the ladies. At the end of the night, we each write down a prayer request, put them in a hat, and draw one out. We pray for the prayer request that we draw until our next meeting. I feel like the ladies in my group are getting much closer. We are starting to develop a unique bond that will last for years.

I would encourage all moms to get in a small group for fellowship, fun, and learning God’s word together. If your church does not have small groups, invite a few ladies over and start your own! It Works For Me!


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