Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moving Tips

We have just come through our toughest move yet. Moving is never easy, but moving with two toddlers presents an extra challenge. I really did not consider how much “stuff” we had accumulated since our last move. The girls have toys, games, books, and a lot of baby items and clothes that they have out grown But, we need to save them for the new baby.

We have moved many times over our six year marriage, but this time movers were provided for us. My mind cannot even begin to imagine how hard it would have been if we had not had them. I’m sure we could have done it. However, with me pregnant and two small children, it would not have been pretty.

Over the course of the move, I thought about tips I could give to help others through the moving process and thought I would Talk About them today (and we will truly miss Talk About It Tuesday). These are either things that I did to prepare or things I wish I would have done. Our move included a long drive, a 4 night stay in a hotel, two toddlers, and two dogs.

Moving Tips

1. Go through your closets in advance and take clothes and items you no longer use to charity.
2. Put everything in your home in the correct place before packing begins.
3. Pack all of the things that you will need while you are away and place them in a separate area of the house.
4. Let the kids pick out toys to entertain themselves with while you are busy.
5. Set aside snacks for the kids, bibs, diapers, and extra clothes that you might need handy.
6. Open some boxes and let the kids play, so that they feel a part of the process.
7. Set aside all of your jewelry, computers, photo albums, and personal papers to take with you.
8. Ask relatives for help. My in-laws really helped us when it came to unpacking and entertaining the kids.
9. Take every piece of personal identification information with you when you go to the DMV! Check on-line for requirements.
10. Before your move, look up the local cardboard recycling information.
11. Keep a list of disconnecting and hook-up utilities. Some utility companies require a seven day advance notice.
12. Don’t stress out too much. Everything will get done eventually.

Our move went very smooth. We are still unpacking boxes and trying to settle into our new location. I hope these tips help you in your next move. Feel free to comment with your moving tips.


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  1. pay attention to what the moving company will put on their truck!
    i didn't read that the moving company wouldn't move aerosol sprays {including perfumes}, nail polish removers and many cleaning chemicals.. so after they packed i had boxes of these kind of things i had to fit into the car or just throw away.

  2. Yikes- a move and 2 toddlers! Now that's a challenge! :-)

    Great tips, by the way. For whatever it's worth, if you want to see some more tips, check out http://www.MoversEdge.com/tips for a list of 101 moving tips in a bunch of different categories.