Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer Reading Programs

Reading is a huge part of our lives. We all have multiple books and magazines going at any given time. We head to our local library at least once a week and tend to bring home more than we can carry in our "library bag."

We have learned to take advantage of local Summer Reading Programs. Check with your local library and your local bookstores. Most will have a reading program for the children. They need to log the books they are reading and then turn in the forms when they are complete. They often receive a prize, a meal coupon to a local restaurant, a free book or a discount coupon.

Remember to find time to read with your children this summer. It is so important to practice those skills during their break from school!



  1. We love the Summer Reading programs. :D

  2. Julie, love the attitude! I agree that everbody should take advantage of summer reading programs. Actually I went ahead and looked through summer reading programs others recomended on Twitter and compiled a list here: You and your readers might like to take a look. Most of the programs are regional (based on city/state) but there are also some national programs.
    Keep up the good work!
    Aneta (from Fast Break to Reading)