Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Trip Traveling Tips

My husband and I live a long distance from any of our relatives. This means that we have to take lots of long trips in order to see anyone. Since our oldest daughter was born 2 ½ years ago, we have taken at least ten 7-10 hour trips. Trips always cause me stress no matter how well we plan, but our girls are awesome in the car, luckily for us.

We have developed a system that helps us to get through long trips with 2 toddlers.

Traveling Tips

-No DVD player- We use the time to sing songs, talk to each other, and do travel activities.

-Start you travel at naptime, so that they can get a good rest on the way.

-Bring lots of crayons, washable markers, and activities to keep them busy.

-Break up time with a little snack.

-Stop at a rest area or Mc Donald’s playground to get some energy out.

-Make traveling fun!

We have learned a lot by trial and error. Our kids are great travelers. Few of our friends subscribe to our "No DVD" policy, but it is old fashion traveling fun for us! Maybe someday our children will hold memories of traveling with Mom and Dad (instead of watching multiple movies) as fondly as my husband and I do from our childhood trips with our families.



  1. These are wonderful tips, thanks for sharing!

  2. We have a strict no DVDs in the car rule too. I value the time we spend together during those in -between times. That is when parents get to reconnect with their kiddos.