Friday, May 29, 2009

Turn the Music Up and Dance

When I was growing up, I remember my mom saying that I was growing up too fast. My reaction was always the same. How can I be growing up too fast? It seemed like I was always waiting for a milestone like getting my learner’s permit or my driver’s license. Then, I could not wait to be asked to the prom. To me, I was not growing up fast enough!

Now that I have two little girls of my own, I realize that time moves on quickly and little ones do grow up too fast. It seems like only yesterday we were having our first child and now our youngest is already one year old! Where does time go?

Knowing that time passes all too quickly and we won’t always be the people in our girls’ lives that make their eyes light up, we are enjoying every moment of their childhood. Sometimes when the girls hear music they start dancing and laughing around the room. They say, “Mommy and Daddy, please come and dance with us.” So, we get up, turn the music up, and dance.

Soak it up parents, time passes fast! Enjoy every minute.

- Robin

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