Saturday, May 30, 2009

Retell Favorite Stories

An excellent way to reinforce sequencing and the parts of a story is to have your child retell their favorite tales. It is a fun activity that you can all work on together.

Choose a favorite story. Here, we used Goldilocks and the Three Bears. For younger children, find images you can print and let your children color. We have used coloring books and printed images from the internet. Have your child color in the characters (and get a good laugh when they choose to color Goldilocks skin purple) and mount the characters on popsicle or craft sticks. For older children, have them draw the characters on their own. If they are old enough to cut, this is also good scissor skill practice.

After you have your characters, you can create your setting. We made this house from several sheets of construction paper. We even added the chairs, beds and a kitchen table with bowls of porridge.

Gather everyone around and let your child retell the story! Help them put the parts of the story in the correct order. You can even point out that most stories contain a problem and solution. Discuss what these are for your story.

I hope that you can create some brilliant storytelling experiences with your children!


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  1. What a great idea! I will be doing this with my babes! :)