Tuesday, May 12, 2009


It's Talk About It Tuesday and strawberry time here in the South. My husband and I recently took our children strawberry picking. We had so much fun! The girls were eating them just as fast as they could pick them. Our goal was to pick a few gallons of strawberries so that we could have strawberry shortcake, strawberry sorbet, and have enough left over to freeze and eat later.

When we got home from picking, I washed them well and took the tops off. We let them dry on towels in the kitchen. After refrigerating and freezing some, we pureed enough to make sorbet in our ice cream maker. The sorbet turned out great! This is the recipe that we came up with after looking at several choices.

Strawberry Sorbet

10 c. fresh strawberries
1 ½ c. sugar
2 tsp. lemon juice
½ tsp. salt

Clean and slice strawberries. Pour sugar over strawberries and stir. Cover strawberries and place in the refrigerator. Stir every 15 minutes for one hour. Strawberries will make their own syrup. When sugar is completely dissolved, add lemon juice to strawberries. Puree the strawberries and their liquid until smooth. Strain, puree, remove unwanted seeds and place in your ice cream maker. Use the ice cream maker as directed. The recipe makes about 6 cups.

The sorbet was excellent and my kids loved it. Picking strawberries made for a fun filled day and a delicious treat! This was so fun and easy, we would like to try other sorbets.

Do you have a favorite sorbet or ice cream recipe to share?


  1. I haven't been strawberry picking for a while. Last time I went it turned out to be no cheaper than the strawberries in the supermarket.
    I figure if I'm saving them a job it at least should be cheaper, but NO!

  2. Sorry to hear that, UKZoe. We did find it to be cheaper -- and the experience with the kids was priceless. Hope you give it another try!

  3. we do this all the time at our house it is great

  4. Fresh picked strawberries are the best. I can't wait until ours are in. This year I plan to make and can some strawberry jam. Yummy!

  5. I love strawberry picking too! We usually make it a big family outing and then come home to can strawberry jelly. Yummy. :) I've gotten so spoiled I really can't eat the store bought stuff anymore.

    Oh, and welcome to the world of blogging.