Saturday, July 3, 2010

Week Two ALL YOU Grocery Challenge Totals

ALL YOU Grocery Challenge

The girls and I were able to hit a few stores and our local farm this week for some great deals! We are having visitors next week, so we will be feeding 4 extra people. Knowing that we were going to have company, I have been stocking up for the last few weeks. Surprisingly, I have been able to stay on budget! Our ALL YOU weekly budget is $100 for the 4 of us... let's see how we did!

Grocery (including our Publix trip): $58.62

Non- Grocery (those pictured: spray and wash, charcoal, and glad trash bags): $6.36

Total for everything: $64.98
This week's savings after coupons and sales according to receipts for all items: $111.14

Wow! A great week to stock up on fruit, eggs, and some cool treats to serve when our visitors arrive on Monday!
2 Week Grocery Challenge Total:
Groceries: $90:15
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