Friday, June 25, 2010

Cheap Milk

Since I started couponing about 3 mths. ago, I have found it stressful to stand in front of the milk refrigerator at the store and see the price of milk. Milk in our area is $2.47 on sale and up to $3.99 regular price. I watch for sales, but sometimes the sales are at different stores than I shop at or we run out of milk before our store puts it on sale again. Usually, we get about 3 milks a week. This can cost us up to $12/ week. With couponing, I am starting to see that $12 is a LARGE part of our grocery bill. So, I am trying something different. I am starting to buy milk and freeze it, so that I will never have to pay regular price.

Buying items, like milk, that normally do not have coupons, is best when you have a money off coupon.

Last week, I had a $20 off coupon for filling a prescription at our Harris Teeter. Since milk was on sale.... I bought 9 milks! I know this seems excessive, but the savings adds up quickly.

9 milks $2.47 = $22.23

minus $20 coupon

9 milks = $2.23

Yeah! 3 weeks of milk for $2.23
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  1. Do you find a taste or quality difference in the milk after you've frozen it? Your pic shows skim, have you tried fattier milks? Great idea...

  2. I really can't tell a difference in taste or quality. It is supposed to keep for up to 3 months. We have also tried 2% and it works well.