Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thrifty Christmas Gifts

One of my favorite stores to browse around in is Once Upon a Child. You can get many great gifts there for just a fraction of the retail price. When our first daughter was learning to pull up, I wanted to buy her some kind of toy to give her some incentive to stand and play. When I looked at the LeapFrog Learning Table, I thought it was perfect for what we needed. Then, I looked at the price $39.99 was just too much for us to spend, so I went to Once Upon a Child. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Once Upon a Child had the same table for $12! What a great deal!
This Christmas, check out a few resale shops before you make your final purchases! You can save lots of money.

What are your Thrifty ideas? To see details about how to share them with us, look here.

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