Saturday, November 7, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gift – Customized T-Shirts

One of my favorite homemade Christmas gift ideas is making a customized t-shirt for your loved ones.
Last year, for my husband’s birthday, I made him a t-shirt with special meaning to us. My daughter, who was just turning two at the time, used to go around saying, “I See You Daddy.” This was funny because my husband actually works in the ICU at the hospital. So, with the girls in tow, I headed off to the craft store to see what I could make for my husband. Since he doesn’t necessarily like “crafty” stuff," it was a bit of a challenge. Then, I came up with making a t-shirt. He wears a lot of t-shirts around the house, so this was going to be something that he might actually use. We bought some iron on letters and a t-shirt and went to work. The finished product was approved by the girls and wrapped. My husband was excited to see that we put thought into his birthday gift! He still wears the t-shirt proudly.
Making a customized t-shirt is a great idea for people of all ages. There are some very cute iron on patches that would make some fun and inexpensive gifts for kids.

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  1. What a cute idea and nice play on words too! Thanks for linking up! I look forward to seeing more homemade gift ideas.