Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thrifty Thursday: Unfinished Wood Furniture

I have wanted a little wooden table and chairs for my girls for a long time. Now, we finally have the room to put it. I looked at many stores, but could never find the one that I wanted or the one that we could afford. Then, I found the perfect table and chairs at an unfinished wood furniture store. The table has four drawers and four chairs. It is perfect for our growing family!

I have never bought unfinished wood furniture before, but it is great because you can stain or paint the wood the color you want. We decided to stain and coat our furniture to prevent crayon marks. If you are an artist, you could decorate it with your artwork.

The girls love their new table and sit at it every day for crafts, coloring, and pretend play. I would recommend unfinished wood furniture for a cheap and fun way to do kid’s furniture.


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