Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thrifty Fall Owl Theme Craft

It has become obvious here that I love a thrifty craft. This is one we've pulled out the past few years. We love to hang these cute owls up to help us celebrate the return of the fall season. We actually have an owl living in our backyard right now. Although I don't love the fact that he keeps us awake at night, it will be a funny family memory.

This is a very easy craft. You need to take a large sheet of brown construction paper and round the ends. Fold one end down and tack it with a gluestick in the center. This is the owl's head. Take another sheet of brown paper and create wings. You can hinge them with brads or just glue them direclty down. With bits of white, yellow, orange, brown and black paper, you can create eyes, a beak and "feathers" for your new friend.

I hope you enjoy this craft and will link your Thrifty Thursday ideas below. You can find details of how to participate here.


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