Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cleaning Out The Closets - Resale Shop Tips

With the change of seasons, I clean out my kids' closets and purge things that no longer fit. I do take out EVERYTHING and use that time to vacuum the floor of the closet and wipe down the shelves. Then, we get tough about what goes back in. Since I have a girl and a boy, I can't hand items down from one child to the next. I take advantage of local consignment shops to make a bit of money from our used clothing.

After reselling clothes for a few years, I have some tips that might help someone who is just getting started.

1. Check very carefully for stains, rips or tears. If these are present, your item might not be accepted at all, or you will get a low dollar amount for them. See if you can remove any stains that you find before taking them for inspection.

2. Put "outfit" or coordinating pieces together. We have some Gymboree items and I make sure to place them together in the basket. Outfits will often sell better than individual pieces.

3. Focus on recent purchases. If you have handed down your items thru many children, resale might not be a good option for you. Resale shops are looking for current styles in good condition. If your items are more than three years old, you might want to consider selling them privately.

4. Launder your items. A fresh wash and neat folding will highlight your pieces. Compare those with someone else's items which were crammed into dresser drawers for six months and you will be the one to get top dollar.

5. Go early in the season. Resale shops are looking for good inventory early in the season to draw in the most shoppers. Call your local shops and see when they start accepting items. Be there early!

6. Count your items. You will likely need to leave your basket at the store and give them time to sort thru your items. I do a count of what is in the basket and label the outside with my name and what is inside.

7. Learn the store's policies. One local shop purchases my items directly. Another hangs the pieces and we split the sale price 60/40 if it sells. There are advantages to both, so see what is available in your area.

8. Sell to more than one shop. I have a shop I go to with my entire inventory. After they make their choices, I take the remainder to a second shop. I am usually able to sell almost all of my items and this year, I made enough to stock the back to school wardrobes of both of my children.

Try these tips if you have local resale shops to earn a little cash on your used items. It definitely Works For Me!


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