Saturday, October 31, 2009

Game Review - Double Shutter

I have a confession to make. I bought this game for my children, but I am currently obsessed with it myself. I have spent quite a bit of time attempting to beat it and it is addictive!
The game is called Double Shutter. The manufacturer states: Roll two dice, add the dots and find the best combination of numbers to shut two rows of nine tiles. Don’t touch a tile on the second row unless you have already shut the tile in front of it. Very few can shut all the tiles and close the super box.

I will agree with them. I've played countless games and have only beaten it once. My kids also enjoy the game and tend to play as a team so far. It is fun to watch them celebrate when they get to the second row and the agony of defeat when their last roll brings them the wrong number.
I love when an educational game comes in disguise! I think you and your family will enjoy this game and recommend you give it a try.

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