Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Healthy Eating Habits

As our kids have grown, they have become more responsible for their food choices. They often eat at friends' homes and have snack choices at school. We have worked hard to teach them healthy eating habits and they usually make wise choices.

One of the funniest examples came from our daughter. We use natural peanut butter at our home. She was at a friend's home and was offered a sandwich at lunchtime. They served her a peanut butter that contained sugar and she didn't like it! They were so surprised! It is true that tastes can change and they learn to like what you serve on a regular basis.

It definitely Works For Me, and I would love to hear how you have taught your kids healthy eating habits.



  1. I totally agree! We have a 2 year old and we are trying to expose her to good, natural foods so that she'll make good choices when she is older.

    Great post - thanks for sharing!

  2. So far so good--we've just offered mostly nutritious whole foods/homemade prepared foods (tortillas, breads, etc.) and that's what the kids prefer--set raw broccoli and m&ms in front of my 5 year old and odds are he'll scarf the broccoli and play with the m&ms. New challenge starting this week: DS starts Kindergarten and I'm sure he'll see lots of options as it's BYO snack. I had him shop with me to pick out his snacks for the week and he chose plums, red bell pepper, beef jerky, peanut butter crackers, and Fruitabu. Not bad choices--though too much salt & sugar in the packaged items I let him pick what he wanted--and hopefully fun enough that he won't request Twinkies after he sees what the other kids bring :)

  3. so correct there are many things that my children eat that my sisters children will not and vise versa I am glad that I offered them the healthy version of most items