Saturday, August 29, 2009

Car Window Punch

A few years ago for Christmas, I bought every driver in my family a car window punch. I had been meaning to buy one for myself for years, but had never put the effort into purchasing it. I figured that everyone should have a window punch, but like me, no one ever gets around to buying one.
Car window punches are used to break car windows in case of an emergency. One thing that scares me is getting into an unexpected amount of water and not being able to get out of the car. I am also afraid of having an accident and possibly going into a river or lake. We live around a lot of water, so these are possibilities even though people rarely think of them. I have two toddlers and it is awful to think that I could be trapped in a car and not be able to get them out.
I keep my car punch in the consol of my car. I am also planning to purchase one for my key ring. The car punch could also be used if a child is accidently locked in a car on a hot summer day. A car heats up very fast. I would not even blink before breaking the glass to get one of my girls out of the car.

I think that a car window punch is a great way to tell someone how much you care about them.

Hundreds of people die in their car each year from accidents or floods when they could have gotten out safely with preparation and a plan.


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