Saturday, August 15, 2009

Box Tops for Education

Over the last year, I have been saving Box Tops for Education. My kids are not in school yet, but I think it is a good program to start saving for. Box Tops for Education is a program to help schools buy computers, books, or playground equipment that they need. As consumers, we buy many products that have a Box Top coupon on them. We should all be saving these coupons for our children’s schools. The labels come on diapers, food, Ziploc bags, and others. Click here to view a complete list of what products have a Box Top coupon.

As a parent, I am thrilled to do all that I can to make our children’s educations better. Please join me in cutting off these coupons. If you do not have children in school you can save the coupons and take them to a school near you. I’m sure they would appreciate it!


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