Thursday, July 30, 2009

Washable Training Pants

We are going through the process of potty training our two year old. Before we started potty training, I bought her some washable training pants to help save money and the environment. I have been very pleased with my selection on washable training pants. My daughter has mostly been using Kushies training pants. They are lined with cotton and have a plastic, waterproof exterior to help prevent leaks. One of my favorite things about the training pants is she can feel if she is wet. When using pull-ups, it seems like it is hard for the child to notice that they are wet.

Many people are afraid of cloth diapers and training pants because you have to wash them. Training pants are easy to wash. Just rinse them out when they are soiled and wash them with my next load of laundry. I put vinegar in my downy ball to help take out any odors.

If you are potty training, I hope you will find some washable training pants that work for your child!
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  1. Where are these kushies found? definitely need to stock up for my potty training 3 -yo!!!

  2. I ordered them from Wal-Mart. If you do site to store you get free shipping!