Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Our "Upstairs Box"

For WFMW, I thought I would tell you all one of my favorite things in our house. We have moved several times, and this box has always come with us. We call it our "Upstairs Box" and it sits at the base of the stairs. Since we have a multi-level home, we always have things downstairs that need to go up. The kids bring things from their rooms to use downstairs, they bring things from school that need to be put into storage, etc. We all put things in this box and I carry it up every few days. When the kids see it at the top of the stairs, they know that they need to take what is theirs and put it away.

This definitely Works For ME! What are your favorite "make things easier" tips for moving things to their proper places in your home?



  1. We do the same thing, but we have a basket. Once it's taken upstairs and emptied, we fill it back up with the things that made their way upstairs that belong downstairs.

  2. That's a great idea. I am constantly piling stuff on the stairs. I've also heard of people who have a different colored box or bin for each child.