Wednesday, May 27, 2009

My Favorite Uses For Vinegar

I never thought I would say this but one of my favorite products is vinegar. I remember my mom cleaning windows with vinegar as a little girl. I used to think the smell was awful. Now, years later, I clean my own house and I have to be sure I am using the safest products around my children.

It seems like, in the past 5 years, there has been an extreme push for safe and eco friendly cleaning products. We are all becoming more knowledgeable about our health, the health of our family, and the health of our environment. I am glad that safe and eco friendly information is available to me at a time when I am raising my family.
I have started using a lot of vinegar to clean our house. It might smell, but it does clean and I feel it is a safe product to use. My favorite uses for vinegar are:

Cleaning the humidifier
Washing windows
Using it in the washing machine on the rinse cycle to take out odors
Cleaning the coffee maker
Deodorizing the kitchen drain

I like to look at The Vinegar Institute website for more ideas on how to use vinegar. I haven’t tried all of their ideas, but check it out and see if any of them are helpful to you.

My favorite thing about vinegar is that it is cheap!

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- Robin


  1. May I add another use? Gets rid of lice. Apparently, it breaks the bonds between nits and your hair, so they're easier to comb out.

    Half a pint vinegar, half pint warm water and five drops of tea tree oil. Put in hair, cover with plastic and sit for two hours bf washing and combing.

    Here's what didn't work:

    I'm a vinegar believer!

  2. Ohh, I've not thought about using it in the washing machine!

  3. I love vinegar for removing stains. I keep some in a spray bottle in my laundry room and use it to pre-treat clothing. I also use vinegar to soak my cloth diapers (I do a cold/soak cycle w/ vinegar before I wash them on hot)

    Hooray for vinegar!

  4. I use vinegar too. I also clean my toilets with it. Sprinkle a little baking soda in the bowl and pour some vinegar in, it will fizz for a bit, then I clean with a brush. Sparkly clean!

  5. My favorite use is on wet sheets after a bedwetting accident. I just pour in the vinegar with the detergent, and the odors disappear. Baking soda works, too.

  6. LOVE my vinegar and have no idea how I would live without it! :)

  7. i adore using it in my washing machine when i am stupid and forget i washed a load.

    i also love it as my conditioner for my hair, seriously. the smell is ewe but it is great with my shampoo from bumble bee

  8. I haven't thought about using it in the toilet. I hate to clean toilets!! I have used it to clean the windows and it does a great job. Have a blessed day!!

  9. I love vinegar, too. It also makes a great rinse aid in the dishwaher. I pour about 2/3 C in the rinse cycle.

  10. I couldn't live without vinegar in the laundry room, not only does it take out odors, but if you use it in the rinse cycle with delicates (undies or kids with sensitive skin) it rinses out the detergent and makes things more sensitive skin safe.

  11. Pioneer Woman is using it to rinse minerals from her hair! It works in the dishwasher...

    Great post & comments!

  12. Two of my favorite uses were already mentioned, but I'll say it again!

    I have been known to pour an entire bottle of white vinegar on a tee-tee soaked mattress, and I have used apple cider vinegar to rid my hair of build-up. My friend Leah uses it exclusively in her hair care regimen!

    Thanks for the great ideas....can't wait to try them.

    BTW, I actually like the smell! Call me crazy!

  13. These are all great ideas! gonna go try a few. Can I add 2 more? I use dillluted vinegar to mop my tile floors and remove hard water spots from glasses.


  14. I use it to clean medical equipment. Nebulizers, spacers, cpap masks. Wash with soap and water then rinse. Soak in 1 pt vinegar and 3 parts water for 20 minutes, rinse and air dry. Its a great way to disinfect them without buying expensive cleaners