Thursday, May 21, 2009

Healthy, Waste-Free Lunches

I have chosen to pack my children's lunches because I find it to be healthier than what the school offers.One of my major goals last year was to eliminate waste in their lunchbox. Now, we do not purchase any individually packaged snacks and I do not use plastic bags when packing for their day.

I found the answer to my search here:
Laptop Lunches

I am not connected to this company at all, but I would highly recommend their system. We purchased two complete systems and one extra set each of the interior containers. Now, I can have one set in the dishwasher and the second in the box. I hand wash the box as necessary.

Pictured in the lunch above is a natural peanut butter sandwich, baby carrots, grapes and strawberries, and baked cheese crackers. As you can see, my kids can eat their lunch and then they have no waste to toss as they leave the cafeteria. I also pack a washcloth in their bag to wipe up any messes. And, they carry a safe, plastic water bottle that we refill each morning.

Green, healthy and frugal. The best of everything I'm aiming for.

Have you found a healthy, eco-friendly way to handle your lunches?

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  1. I use something similar i found at Whole Foods, like the idea of not using plasic baggies.